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School Safety Certification


No one ever wants to see the day when an active shooter attacks their school.  Schools are expected to be a safe place for children to attend.  School faculty and staff are trained for fires, inclement weather, and bomb threats but rarely to do schools train for the unthinkable, that someone wants to come into their school and harm their students.  


All schools are susceptible to an active shooter and first responders are at least a few long minutes away.  In rural areas law enforcement may be half an hour away or more.  How does a school protect itself until help arrives?


The Texas Department of Public Safety has recently developed the School Safety Certification course.  Utilizing the Avoid, Deny, Defend strategy, the School Safety course trains current License to Carry faculty and staff in tactics to avoid the shooter, deny entry into an area, and the defense of the students.  This is the only State certified course addressing school carry.


The course provides practical hands-on scenarios and firearm training.  Students will be  challenged with roleplay that safely simulates active threats while developing situational awareness. Safety carefully monitored throughout the training.

At the completion of the course the attendee will be equipped to protect themselves, their students, and their school.  


Who may become certified?

       School approved LTC holders.


How long is the course?

       Approximately 16 hours.


What are the pre-qualifications?

       Participants must pass both a                                                    written and proficiency test to     attend the course.


If I complete the course may I carry a handgun at school?

        You may only carry in accord-      ance with School policy.

Valid LTCs are required.


Students must successfully complete both a written and proficiency prequalification test to continue in the course.  


Students will need to bring 200 rounds of ammunition, their firearm, eye and ear protection, and proper clothing suited for active scenarios and outdoor qualification.


Students should also be prepared to be exposed to audio, video, scenarios, and discussions  that may be unpleasant.  These items will be presented in a professional manner and with respect to both the  subjects and the class.  


The class may have up to a 1:6 instructor:student ratio, as mandated by the State, allowing for maximum engagement.


Training will be performed at a location of the school’s choosing allowing for scenarios in familiar locations.  Shooting  will be at a local range or at Talon Firearms Training location as determined by the school.  



Requirements of the School Safety Course

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