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             You will pay the State fee online and set up an

               appointment to be fingerprinted.

            State fees are non-refundable.  





  • Your TX Driver's Lic. or State ID card.  

  • Something to write on and something to write with.

  • Depending on the time of year you may want a light jacket or sweater if you tend to be cold natured.

  • A printed copy of the Texas Concealed Handgun Laws.  Electronic versions are acceptable if you can reference it quickly.

  • Bring drinks and/or snacks.  No vending available.



  • Properly operating Handgun - .22 caliber minimum.

  • Ammunition for the gun you will be using - 50 rounds minimum (100 just in case).  No reloaded ammunition allowed.

  • Hearing protection - Over the ear preferred.  Ear inserts are acceptable.

  • Eye Protection - Prescription glasses (polycarbonate lenses) or other impact rated glasses

  • Hat or cap with brim

  • Closed toe shoes or boots - this is not the time to wear high heels or flip flops.

  • Crew neck or button up collared shirt

  • Appropriate outerwear - range is outdoors and it is almost always some wind.  

      We've qualified on bright, sunny 100 degree days and 30 degree days with


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"The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms."

- Samual Adams

The State mandated class time is 4-6 hrs. of actual instruction, not including range or test.  

Class will be held in a comfortable, climate-controlled room with tables and padded chairs.  Restrooms and water fountains are convieniently located near the room.


Class day is from 8:00 to usually 2:30.  Range is typically 3:30 - 5:00 depending on the size of the class

The shooting proficiency will be held at a private outdoor range located approximately 20 minutes west of Lubbock.  It is being developed and  there are no amenities.  We usually spend about one to two hours at the range.   Plan accordingly.

Shooting Test

The shooting portion of the test requires the student to show proficiency with their firearm.  This includes handling, loading, functioning, and shooting, all in a safe manner.  


The test is conducted using B-27 targets.  



  • 8, 9, and 10(x) rings = 5 pts

  • 7 ring = 4 pts

  • Rest of silhouette = 3 pts


Minimum Passing score is 175 pts.

Maximum score possible is 250 pts.


50 rounds


3 yards - 20 rounds

  • 1 shot, 2 seconds, 5 times

  • 2 shots, 3 seconds, 5 times

  • 5 shots, 10 seconds, 1 time


7 yards - 20 rounds

  • 5 shots, 10 seconds, 1 time

  • 2 shots, 4 seconds, 1 time

  • 3 shots, 6 seconds, 1 time

  • 1 shot, 3 seconds, 5 times

  • 5 shots, 15 seconds, 1 time


15 yards - 10 rounds

  • 2 shots, 6 seconds, 1 time

  • 3 shots, 9 seconds, 1 time

  • 5 shots, 15 seconds, 1 time


It is not necessary to buy the B-27 target to practice.  You may if you wish but the standard bullseye targets or a paper plate will suffice.  If you can keep all your shots on a paper plate you won't have any problems.


Safety is an absolute.  No loaded guns at the range unless on the line and instructed.


Follow all instructions.  This is for all of our safety and peace of mind.






Unsafe behavior or failing to obey range commands may be cause for dismissal without refund.