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How long does the class take?


The State requires a minimum of 4-6 hours of actual instruction plus range.   A typical class day usually takes about 6 hours.  Qualification takes about 1-1.5 hours.  


I've never shot a gun, can I still get a LTC?


Yes, but you must show proficiency with your handgun.  We will be happy to help you work through minor issues but there is no time allotted for weapons training.  You will need to be able to load and operate your handgun in a safe manner.  If you have never shot or have limited experience with a handgun we recommend you at least get basic training prior to taking a LTC class. 


The Texas LTC course is NOT a firearms training course.  Please be familar with your firearm and know how to safely operate and fire it.  


Do I need to apply with the DPS before or after the class?


It doesn't really matter but we recommend you apply online before the class. The DPS encourages you to complete the application prior to the class, the sooner the better.  This allows the DPS to get all of their background checks and paperwork done.  Then when you turn in your class completion form (CHL-100) they can process your license in a more timely fashion.  You have a year to turn in your application.


Will I need a gun before I begin my LTC class?


It is recommended that you use a handgun that you are familiar with.  If you do not own a handgun you may have a friend that would loan one to you for the class.  If you still have trouble locating a handgun let us know.  We can probably work something out.


Can I share a gun with my wife, friend, son, etc?


Yes, arrangements can be made for you to share a gun.  Each person will need to show proficiency, including loading and operation, independently.


Do I need a gun for the classroom portion?


Firearms are not needed in the classroom.  It is recommended you leave them in your locked vehicle.  If you feel you need to bring it into class please verify it is UNLOADED and in a case.  You are responsible for the state of your firearm.  


If you are already a LTC holder your concealed handgun is welcomed in class.  Please keep it holstered.    


All I have is a .22 pistol, can I take my test with this gun?




All I have is a S&W 500, can I take my test with this gun?


If you can hold on to it we have a special firing lane for you waaaaaaay down at the end.  


Does Talon CHL provide the ammunition?


The student is required to bring the proper ammunition for their handgun. There is no ammunition available at the range.  No reloads please.


How much ammunition do I need?


You will need at least 50 rounds to qualify with.  We recommend you bring at least 100 rounds in the unlikely event you need to shoot the proficiency test a second time.  


Can I shoot reloads?


No reloaded ammunition will be allowed.  


What kind of ammunition do I need?


You will need ammunition that matches the caliber of your handgun.  It is best if you run a box or two through your gun prior to the class to make sure that brand will function correctly in your gun.  As an FYI, S&B, Magtech, and steel cased ammo seem to give the most problems in class.


Can I practice before I shoot the proficiency test?


There will be no practice shots prior to the proficiency test.  Please practice before the day of the class.


What if my gun malfunctions?


A properly maintained gun shooting quality ammunition will rarely have malfunctions.  It is up to you to clear the malfunction.  We might be able to assist you but we do not make any promises that we can fix your gun.   Any malfunction may result in not being able to fire all rounds and a loss of points.


How much does it cost to get a licence?


Please see our Class Fees page for Talon CHL classes.

Most people will pay the State $40 for their license.

Please refer to the DPS website for special conditions.  State fees and Talon CHL fees are independant and do not include each other.  


How long does it take to get my license?


The DPS makes every effort to issue your license within 60 days of receiving a complete application.  The record for one of my students is 11 days from the DPS receiving to it showing up in the student's mailbox.  


Talon Firearms Training's class rates seem reasonable, how do you do it?


Talon Firearms Training is blessed to have low overhead and we don't have a lot of whistles and bells.  We provide a solid, honest class at a reasonable price.  We also want to make LTCs affordable to as many folks as possible.  Don't get us wrong, we still want to make a little profit, we just don't need that much.   Even this website is about as cheap as we could find.  


Do you require a deposit?


Unfortunately we have had to start requiring deposits.  We were having too many no-shows.  The deposit is $35 (or $70 if you want to pay for the class at one time).  Deposits are non-refundable unless the class is cancelled.  


What if I fail the written or proficiency test?


You will have three opportunities to pass each test.  To date, we have not had anyone fail the course.  


Can I get my money back if my application is not approved or I fail the class or proficiency?


Unfortunately State and class fees are non-refundable.


How long is my license valid?


Your initial license is valid for four years.  Renewals are valid for five years.


How much will fingerprinting cost?


MorphoTrust USA charges $9.95 to electronically scan your fingerprints.  Map    You can sign up with MorphoTrust USA through the DPS online application.


As of Sept. 1, 2013 anyone living more than 25 miles from a digital print provider may submit ink prints.  Talon Firearms Training recommends digital prints if at all possible.    


Can I use the paper application?


The DPS is discontinuing/discouraging the paper application packet.  For Talon Firearms Training classes students are encouraged to apply online.  The online application and electronic fingerprinting saves the DPS time (and we can only assume that means you get your license sooner).  You can still still get a paper application online (from the DPS).  In most cases the online application takes about 15 minutes to complete.  


I have a disablility or special need, can I still take the class?


Within legal and physical constraints, Talon Firearms Training will make all reasonable efforts to accomodate your needs.  The classroom portion is held in a fully accessible building.  The shooting portion is held at a mostly undeveloped range.  It is on flat unpaved ground and should be accessible to wheelchairs.  Please contact us with any needs you may have and let's see how we can work out a solution.


Why don't you have a phone number listed?


I have a full-time day job.  It would be unprofessional to take calls on company time.  Email is preferred and it gives me a chance to respond more appropriately.  Drop me an email and we can talk in the evenings.  


What about lunch?


Always a good question.  I'm not one to miss a meal.  You will have the opportunity to pick up some lunch on the way to the range.  Feel free to bring snacks and drinks to class.  No vending machines are available.


How long do I have to wait to take the class after filling out the online application?


There is no waiting period.  You can take the class either before or after you fill out the application.






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